Projecte Ànima

Projecte Ànima is a source of inspiration that helps you to start a transformation process to live more connected to your essence and Nature.


Begin your personal journey.
You desice the destination. Are you ready?


The most important ideals that defines us, through which we want to generate a positive impact, social and environmental, is based on two essential axes: Nature and the Person.


Our work focuses on the well-being of people. We are close and very accessible, although we may need to talk virtually because we are far in a distance. We want you to feel close.


We are constantly learning and developing us to find the most appropriate solutions and new techniques for each person, being awake from any opportunity to grow and improve.


We are honest about what we offer and our relationship with you is completely transparent. Our commitments are realistic in terms of results and deadlines.


Our work is based on respect for nature and this is what we want to transmit to you.For this reason we present new ideas, habits and products that, in addition to being healthy for people, are respectful for our planet.


Short activities and workshops on specific subjects related to our connection to Nature and personal well-being. A small space with big results.

09.04.2021 – Internal Speech: Two sides of the same coin.

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Learn how to speak with yourself and discover all the possibilities that this resource offers you to make your life more easy.

In our workshop we will talk about:

  • What is internal speech.
  • Why it is important.
  • What happens when we don’t use correctly.
  • How we should use it.
  • Exercises.
  • How we can improve our own language to be more happy.

From 7p.m to 8,30p.m. Price:15€

    27.03.2021 – The tree test: Body and mind all together drawn by pencil.

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    Are you a mystery even for yourself? We help you reveal many aspects of your personality through a very simple projective test. 

    In our workshop we will talk about:

    • Art as a way to express our emotions.
    • The origin of the projectives tests.
    • Practical exercise.
    • The tree test interpretation.
    • For what we can use it.

    From 11p.m to 12,30p.m. Price:15€

    12.03.2021 – Discover the realtionship with the spaces that surrounds you.

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    Actually, we spend many time at home. Do you know how Nature affect the spaces where we live and work? 

    In our workshop we will talk about:

    • What does Feng_Shui mean? Where does it come from?
    • Analysis of your home.
    • Practical exercise.
    • Simple techniques to start to apply in your home.

    From 7p.m to 8,30p.m. Price:15€

    fresh talks

    In-live conversations  through various media and social networks, sharing knowledge and experiences provided by our friends and collaborators. Catalan and spanish conversations.

    healthy lifestyle

    We need to take care of ourselves and our body. The products that serves us to feed our mind and body, must be completely natural, because they contain the 100% of the properties. They have to be respectful with our planet and completely toxics free. We recommend  some products that are working in this line.

    Health & wellness:

    Every day we consume many products from conventional industry mostly composed by petroleum and other toxics substances. We want to introduce you to a healthy alternative brands 100% natural for our daily personal care. Do you want to know more about? 

    Water without plastic

    One of the most environmental problems that have an effect on our live is the high production and consumption of one use plastics. The waters of our planet are increasingly polluted by tons plastic. The best way to prevent this pollution it is to install a mineral water filter at home. Do you want to collaborate with this project and know more about?

    Nutricional supplements

    The quality of the food that we consume has been deteriorated from the last years and it is very important to take 100% natural supplementation to give to our body all the micronutrients to maintain a balanced diet and a strong and healthy organism. Do you want to know all these properties?


    A close place full of positive energy where we can talk, listen, share a way of connection with our environment and with our soul. “The rock is confused with the soul that dreams to become a rock”, Anna Gual.

    Judith Amado

    The most important and excited journey is the one who goes into yourself. Let you guided by the experience and naturallity of Projecte Ànima team, making the route as balanced as possible. You deserve the best! Good trip!

    Bel Mateu

    Beautiful! I encourage you to belief and participate with Projecte Ànima! I shared a painting and emotions class connecting with our soul and it was great. The Projecte Ànima girls, make the connection to your essence easier and enjoyable.

    Laia Bedós. Painting and emotions


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