ànima program

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin“, Tony Robbins.

We offer a holistic and multidisciplinary methodology to walk with you in the process of transformation to be the best of “yourself”. Each person is unique and needs different things. You will set your goals to be the power of your change. Ànima program puts you in the centre to improve your quality of life through the knowledge of yourself. We need to look inside to project ourselves outside.


We offer you a three-month plan spread over 6 sessions in total. In each of these sessions we incorporate and provide you the necessary elements, tools and strategies to achieve your goal.

In these sessions we work in all aspects of our lives that directly influence the way who we are and how we do.

The program is designed for a maximum of 6 people per group and session in order to offer the most personalized treatment. Teamwork generates synergies that helps and encourage the optimal development of the people who is in.

However, if you need personalized treatment for a specific subject, please tell us about and we will back to you with an answer.


We do two sessions each month during 3 months in total. The week with no session is designed to give you the opportunity to work individually on the different subjects proposed during our connections and the week after, we will put in common all these exercises. The beginning of each Ànima program plan is at the beginning of each quarter:


  • 1st. January, Febrary and March.
  • 2on. April, May and June.
  • 3rd. July, August and September.
  • 4rt. October, November and Desember.


The sessions are mostly in online platforms but if is possible we would like to do some sessions in a natural space.