who we are

Our interest in people wellness, their emotions, thoughts and behaviour has always been the energy in our lives, personally and professionally.

Over the years we have gained experience and discovered that the most impressive and exciting thing is that human beings are amazing and Nature is full of generosity and wisdom. Our love for the Nature has led us to share the importance to be connected with it.

Our training in psychology, human resources, graphology and synergology, merges with an artistic skills, art therapy, the art of designing spaces and a broad knowledge of healthy habits.

Despite our differences we fit naturally. This experience and our passion made possible this holistic project and we want to share it with you.

Our project encourages you to love yourself, lose your fear and trust yourself more. 

Surprisingly the two of us are called Sílvia, a Latin name that means “from the forest”, something that we love and leads our lives. The world is full of curious beginnings and amazing coincidences… 


Photo: Oscar penelo

Sílvia Grau